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Time is valuable and as a result, we ensure every application is processed within a specified time limit.


Our services are provided by a group of dedicated well trained experts, headed by one of the most renowned immigration consultants in Ontario.


We understand how expensive the cost of living is and as such our services are offered at the most affordable rate.


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Canada Global Assist Inc. is a consulting agency, located in Toronto, Ontario Canada. It is an outreach to  a different schools in entire Canada whether it is in High school, private or community college. Having an affiliation with different schools gives our client to choose where they want to stay and having so many schools gives us more programs to offer to our client/s

Canada Global Assist Inc. also helps an individual to connect to the right specialist like a licensed Immigration consultant, Paralegal or even a lawyer depending on the needs of the client.

We assess and connect!

Our Mission


For Students

we are a team who can help you connect to private and community colleges also to universities.

Anything related to legal matter

our Licensed Paralegal Viviane Minhee Jo is the founding principal of Minhee Jo Professional Corporation, Immigration Law Firm. Viviane holds a Ph.D in Western Philosophy, LL.M in Jurisprudence and Hon. LL.B with distinction, from the Korea and Yonsei University which are the most prestigious universities in Korea.

In Canada, she is a licensed paralegal, a member of Law Society of Upper Canada. She has more than a decade`s worth of experience working on immigration and civil litigation. She is a frequent lecturer in Canada on immigration and refugee related matters.

Viviane represents Refugee and Immigration Appeal cases in Immigration Refugee Board.

For Immigration,

we assist Clients with Immigration visa concern. Our Licensed Immigration Consultant Mrs. Ruth Fernan is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and a member in good standing of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) R#515619. (For reference: https://iccrc-crcic.ca/)


we will connect you to employer based on your schedule and experience.

Our Vision

To make a difference in people’s lives