Canada  Global ⪼ Express Help Inc.

Express Help is an employment staffing Agency where its goal is to help employers grow their business by supplying them right employee . The firm select the best of the best and ensure that the employee chosen fits to the job the employer is looking for.
Express Help caters to all your employment needs. The company provides workforce in cleaning, caregiving, factory worker, semi-skilled, server. Position can be part-time or full-time depending on the needs of the employer.

Express Help is a partner of “Canada Global Assist Inc.” (an Immigration Consultancy firm) which can hire clients from abroad to help employer/s who are having difficulty in finding the right candidate/s inside Canada. Skilled worker like welder, machine operators, construction workers, butchers, even caregivers in elderly or nanny. Farm or seasonal workers are also hard to find in Canada. CGA assists Express Help in the Immigration working Visa processing for workers hired abroad thus, the employer will be relieved from all the stress related with their sponsorship for workers.

Express Help is not only confine with Employment Services but also handles Student Admission inside and outside Canda. The unit “Canada Schools Admission Inc” (CSA) is part of Express Help. Because of the close association between the 2, CSA can better assist the international students who are looking for part-time while studying . This will give them better chance to finish their studies because by working, their financial problem will be addressed.

For Employer/s what are you waiting for. Express Help is here to help cater to all your employment needs be it Domestic or International. Express Help has a complete rooster of qualified workers in various fields. Most of all, Express Help is a Reliable and Reputable employment Agency. The company’s branding is HONESTY AND INTEGRITY. EH IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. WE have an array of applicants inside and outside Canada.

Job seekers choose Express Help because there are lots of employers in different area of work whether it is part-time or full-time, and most of all Express help is a reliable employment agency. Will get you connected to the right employer.