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Canada School Admission is a hub and its focus is to assist prospective student’s admission in Domestic and International. Canada School’s admission is in partner with CGA which is affiliated with various schools whether private, community, or public, from High school, post-secondary including Master’s degree holder. Canada Global Assist (CGA) is an Immigration Consultancy firm which facilitates the processing of study permit for International Students.

Canada School Admission(CSA) is a student hub for students in and out of Canada. It is a place where people get an assessment on what is the right program that best suits their qualification. CSA assist the clients on which school is best according to the program they choose. Help the students find affordable but good school, what are the benefits in getting admission from a particular college as well as accessibility of the school to where the student will live.

Domestic students are those who are already living legally in Canada. These are the Permanent Resident (PR) and Citizen. This also includes Protected Persons and Refugee claimants who have a Letter of Determination from the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB). Status matters in domestic students. Domestic students are given privilege to avail funding from the government. Funding depends on the financial situation of every student. CSA does assessment and give opinion on what’s the best school and program for the client and if the client is eligible for funding.
CSA encourages domestic clients who are: laid-off from work, not working, single parent/s, thinking of changing a career, not happy with their present job, has education from back home but is not recognized in Canada or even those clients who has a passion to improve their financial situation but at a lost on how and where to start. CSA also guide the students who needs financial assistance and guidance in order to upgrade their living status in Canada.

CSA is here to HELP

International students are those living abroad one and does not have any legal status in Canada. International students pertain to those who wants to come to Canada as student. These students can be high school, college or those who wants to enhance their educational skill by studying Internationally. Canada is considered one of the leading countries in quality education. This is a privilege to all international students who wants to develop their language proficiency specially in the English language. There are some countries where English is not the major language thus, the need to improve their language skills will give them a better chance to have a better career in any field of their choice . For International students, there are advantages in coming as an International Student. They will have an opportunity to work for 20 hours a week. This will help the students earn money while studying and at the same time, get the experience which they need when they apply for a Permanent Resident (PR) under the Canadian Express Class. The students will have the chance to explore the Canadian job Market which will give them a good chance for their PR application. A prospective International student can also bring his/her family while studying in Canada. The spouse will be given an open work permit and the children can study up to secondary school in Canada without paying tuition fee as long as the main student is studying full time.

Canada School of Admission is excited to see you in Canada!

CSA is a team of smart and dedicated people headed by Ms. Jurephie “Jho” Borras, who is an entrepreneur and has demonstrated excellence in the field of marketing. She has a soft heart and her mission in life is to help others. Her friends and those close to her fondly call her “Jho” which symbolizes high energy and spirit. Jho obtained her diploma in Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Immediately after getting her Permanent Resident status, she studied in Canada and became a Certified Personal Support Worker (PSW) . She loves helping other people hence, being a PSW gave her a lot of satisfaction and fulfillment. She also finished another program and got a Diploma in Business Administration at Anderson College. Jho was an admissions advisor for years where she was trained and mentored by successful businesspeople. She was able to hone her skills in customer service, human relations, marketing and as well as administrative jobs making her a well-rounder Admission Advisor. Her career as an Admission officer improved her managerial ability and leadership expertise. Ms. Jho’s strength is counselling and and her persuasive power of getting business is unbeatable.

Ms. Jho’s goal is to help other’s through educational pathway and to see one’s life change. She is always excited and energetic to meet new clients and make a difference on how they envisioned their life.

Domestic Study

Upgrading to have a better life in Canada through education is one of the best option to get confident in settling in Canada.

Canadian certificate or Diploma allows you to have a better chance to get into the door of the best employer you might want to work with. Canadian experience is one of the requirements needed by employers, The programs that our affiliated school offers internship or practicum that most likely considered as “Canadian experience”.

Are you not sure of what program to take?

Don’t worry, we are a team who will do assessment and will guide you properly towards your future career for a better opportunity.

What if you don’t have a budget?

We can help you check for financial Assistance, it is a case to case basis but there are government program that you might qualify. Please check Programs offered

International Study for College

Studying in Canada is is exciting. Canada has a high standard of education, unique environment because of its diversified nationalities of population in where a student can explore a different culture and foods.

There are 4 seasons, Winter, spring, summer and fall. People respects the rights and privacy of each individual in Canada.

There are more to explore while studying in Canada.

Canada Global Assists team are here to help connect you to the right school and program that you prefer or best suits for you. An affiliated RCIC will help you in your visa Application should you prefer.